Royal Gondwana School Nagpur Logo Royal Gondwana School Nagpur 11 yrs CBSE Affiliated
Aims & Objectives

The aim of the school is to help and guide the students in their academic, physical, cultural, emotional and even spiritual development. Thus, the objective of the school is to send out young persons who are dynamic in their out-look, have a sense of adventure in them, are humane in all their dealings (and just not intelligent robots), and lastly are cultured persons taking pride in Indian culture and heritage. That is to say, that, the students shall value the western concepts of science and technology, however they shall have their roots in the Indian culture and Indian ethos. 

The school also aims at inculcating military virtues, which are time-tested in the students of the school. This will ensure that the school gives some dynamic, adventure spirited and disciplined youth with a nationalistic outlook to the country, which is the urgent need in the present day chaotic conditions prevailing in the country.



School to be a laboratory for learning attitudes, communication, values, and to create awareness in society through the students about conservation of nvironment hygiene, respecting girl child, gardening & farmmg and love for Nation.


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